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5 Main Problems with Charter Schools

Problems with Charter SchoolsHere are the 5 problems:

Charter schools are not a way to help children. There was conducted a survey which shows that the average School Performance Profile grading scale for conventional public schools was 77.1, but charter schools’ indicators were lower – 66.4. SPP scores were not over 70 when there were analyzed more than 14 charter schools. The overall indicators show that charter schools’ scores cannot compete with traditional public or private schools. As a result, the system should be better worked out for children to achieve the best results.

Some charter schools hurt children. Recently, there were conducted surveys which specify the main problem of charter schools. They cannot comply with the main requirements stated in traditional public schools. Children cannot feel educated well enough to continue further education in well-known colleges.

The educational system is rich in frauds. There are so many problems appeared in the charter schools which cannot be copied because of corruption. Funds released by the state are spent on the needs of state regulators, not on the needs of children attended charter schools.

Skimming strategies. There were identified the main methods applied by charter schools that often reduce the students’ enrolling with a dissatisfied list of characteristics, such as students with special needs, those with low test scores, English learners, or students in poverty. When charter schools frankly, or even without intention, make students leave the classes.

Contribute to the re-segregation of U.S. education. Recently, specialists in the educational sphere have discovered the tendency towards re-classification in public education and the role that charters may be playing in that process. The charter schools’ proliferation contains the risks magnifying the current rates of classification ground such issues as race, ethnicity, and income. There was given an explanation that Charters have chosen whether they have a desire to be a school with racial or economic standards.