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Why Are Charter Schools Good for Your Kids?

Why Are Charter Schools Good for Your Kids_

Сharter schools have existed in the United States since 1992 with the same funding as public schools, they provide very good student achievement rates. And the maintenance of public schools takes more and more money each year but this does not give the proper result. US Ex-President Barack Obama has called for the creation of more charter schools. In his opinion, this relatively new form of cooperation between the state and the private sector will make it possible to radically change the situation and significantly raise the level of school education in the United States. Today, we will review why charter schools are better for your kids.

Benefits of charter schools

The advantages of charter schools compared to public and private ones are undeniable. Charter schools are a successful experiment in the American education system, as they combine elements of private and public schools. We can say that they combine all the best that both schools have.

Education in these schools is free. In addition, all textbooks and tutorials will be provided to children for free. Those in need will be offered free food or a discount.

If a student has a desire to study at a charter school, then the state money allocated for his studies at a public school “follows” him there, because he still remains in the public education system.

Unlike public schools with a large number of students, charter schools are usually small (200-400 students). This allows teachers and another staff to maintain good discipline and order.

Charter schools, like private ones, achieve good results in education. Parents do not need to pay for this big money.

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The “mission” of the school says that the activity of the educational organization is devoted to “developing the academic talents of students, instilling in students a sense of love for their rich cultural heritage, including moral values, preparing students for the conscious choice of their place in the civil life of society”.

Walking through any American secondary school, you probably would have witnessed a couple or three fights in the schoolyard and most likely would have found an indispensable attribute of all public educational institutions – a police car on duty. But the situation is different in a charter school. During the breaks, children peacefully play football, and they study hard during classes. Unlike many American schools, here you can hardly find a cigarette butt or marijuana smoke on campus. The rules are very strict here.

In addition to traditional subjects in ordinary secondary schools, charter schools have developed thier own programs for the development of character. They focus on nurturing the qualities necessary for children to effectively develop their character. Following this program throughout the school year, students focus on such character traits as “friendship, loyalty, honesty, self-control, cooperation, balance”, etc. Thus, educators seek to create a healthy and safe atmosphere in school. Studying the program gives children the opportunity to acquire “values and life principles that contribute to the formation of a strong character and healthy interpersonal relations.”

According to teachers, a special program helps reduce problems related to hooliganism, rudeness and bad behavior. As a result, students of these schools are less at risk of alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse.

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Besides, many such institutions do not divide children according to their age, but according to their abilities. It is important how a person works and what he is capable of, and not how old he is.

Although charter schools are an alternative to other public schools, they are part of the public educational system, so a diploma of a charter school will be the full equivalent of a diploma issued at a typical public school.

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