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May Minors Take Out A Payday Loan?

may minors take out a payday loan

Banking legislation does not directly define the minimum age of the borrower, so this topic is of interest to many. The answer to this question may be different – depending on the credit institution, the lending program and other factors. Let’s take a closer look at what requirements for the age of the borrower are set depending on the loan program or lender.

Basic age restrictions

According to the current regulations on the legal capacity of individuals, US citizens can get a loan from the age of 18.

The legislation contains a list of transactions that a minor aged 14-18 year olds has the right to make without parental consent. These include making a deposit in banks and disposing of this money. That is, a minor citizen can, without permission, perform only those actions that are prescribed in the law, and taking out a loan is not one of them.

At what age may young people issue a payday loan?

Americans can take out payday loans legally from the age of 18. Some lenders set a limit of 21 years. This measure is explained by the fact that persons who have barely reached the age of majority do not always have a permanent job.

Credit institutions exclude financial risks: they require information about the borrower’s solvency (income statement, credit history). There are also extra nuances like a bad credit or imperfect credit score, follow to get more information on how to act in this situation.

  • they issue loans to 18-year-old borrowers;
  • they are asked to provide only an ID;
  • do not require confirmation of payment security;
  • do not require a positive credit history;
  • assess the financial viability of clients on their own principle.
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To get a short-term loan, a citizen needs to fill out an online questionnaire or go to the company’s office. Some services give loans from the age of 21, which is due to the peculiarities of lenders. There is no regularity of approval of such loans – the age of the borrower does not affect the duration of the loan term, the loan amount, overpayment.

Loans to minors online — to the card | Where can I borrow money to a teenager?

Loans to minors online to the card in a payday lending service or banks are not issued. Almost everywhere there is a restriction “from 18 years old”, and in some cases the minimum age has been raised to 21-25 years. At the same time, there is a category of conditionally minor persons recognized as emancipated (minors) by a court decision. Formally, based on the requirements of the legislation, they have a chance to apply for a loan or payday loan. In practice, banks and online lenders are guided not only by laws, but also by internal regulations. The latter prescribe a specific age, not the fact of adulthood. As a result, in fact, a minor will not be able to get a loan.

A minor can borrow money only from friends or relatives without registration of the corresponding certificates. Not everyone will agree to do this, since the probability that the loan will not be repaid is very high.

A loan from the age of 14 can be taken out for education. In such a situation, money is not given to the child personally, but is transferred to pay for services to a certain university or other educational institution. Given the fact that they usually enter such institutions after reaching the age of majority, this does not cause a special problem.

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In practice, most often a minor is not a direct borrower on such a loan. Usually, his parents or other relatives who have reached the age of majority act in this capacity. At the same time, the child himself can repay the loan after he graduates from an educational institution and finds a job.

It all depends on what agreements were reached between the parties. A minor often acts as a co-borrower.

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